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Precursor of Dispersionism argues that the evolution of art began with early pre-historical paintings, blossoming all over the world through human stable communities, restructuring when they found other communities re-clashing each other, thereby refuting the established history of art. He published the first Dispersionist Manifesto in 1977 with only 15 years old, and finally redesigns it in 2002.

Since very young he was dedicate to the Arts and the Sport. Began writing at the 14 Years old and painting to the 16 (Watercolours and Chinese ink). In that time, published some short stories and poems in several magazines and newspapers.

His interest by painting avenged until 1986, time in that personal problems caused him to stop having started again painting at the beginning of the new millennium. From 1986 to 1999 he was involved in several musical and theatrical projects as a technician, musician, producer and director, writing several adaptations and two original pieces. During that time never stopped to having new ideas, being strongly influenced by the African art and the vast work of Salvador Dali.

In the secondary School, was a Founder and Publisher of the Magazine "The Bantalas" entirely dedicated to the Arts (Art Painting, Photograph, Prose and Poetry) and participated in a contest of Art Painting whose objective was the creation of a poster commemorative of the anniversary of the M. P. L. A. obtaining the 1st place.

In Sports, was widely highlighted, obtaining several titles of National Champion, in Swimming (consecutively from 1972 to 1980) and Chess (1977 and 1979). He also represented is nation abroad several times, being the last time in the Olympic Games of Moscow (1980).

Noticeable Militant of the Youth of the Party (J.M.P.L.A.) left the politics when he moved to Portugal in 1986.

He obtained a Degree in Chemical Engineering in the Ex. Soviet Union (with a Scholarship). In the Ex. Soviet Union he also frequented and completed the Courses of "Scientific Drawing" and "Creativity Thought in the Post-Modernism".

In Portugal, frequented and completed the Courses of "Photography and Graphic Design" and "Data Processing, Systems Engineering and Programming".

In 2002, obtained the Diploma from the Course of "Improvement in Painting Techniques for Oil Portraits", administered by the PhD Fine Art Painter, Almaia, having been invited for him to work in his atelier, where he remained till 2009 period when he moved to the UK to continue their studies (MA Contemporary Fine Art).

He has several works displayed in public places and is represented in private and official collections in Angola, Brazil, France, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the UK.

In 2013, received an "Honourable Mention" at its participation, as a guest, in the XVIII Open Gallery. 

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Aesthetic path

Pursuing his Dispersionist guidelines, explores ideas that oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, developing rhythms, perversions and distortions that make his work an odd myriad of improbabilities that unfold in an endless search for aesthetic perfection. This evolutionary logic, addresses an experimental vocation based on classicism, reinforced by the choice of motifs and designed by a resourceful virtuosity of execution.

Setting up a peculiar revisiting of the past, in contemporary art, his work is a delirious illustration of stylistic paths imposed by the "status quo" and, at the same time, breaks with the established assumptions, making it a non-sence display that combines paradoxically classical components with ludic.

The vastness of source in plastic references, ensures a multiplicity of cultural decoding levels, allowing myriad alternative interpretations, where all references are processed at a pace, humour and quirky provocation, that are the hallmark of his work and where we can recognize echoes of the great classics or even comics.


Master Contemporary Fine Art
, in the Sheffield Institute of Arts (Sheffield Hallam University), UK

Course of: “Improvement in Painting Techniques for Oil Portraits”, promoted by the PhD Fine Art Painter, Almaia

Course of: Arte Painting, from SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts - Portugal)

Course of: Photography and Graphic Design, from IADE - Creative University (Portugal)

Courses of: “Digital Techniques and Microprocessors” and “Data Processing, Systems Engineering and Programming”, from ISEL (Superior Institute of Engineering of Lisbon - Portugal)

Courses of: "Scientific Drawing" and "Creative Thought in the Post-Modernism", in the College of Sciences of Moscow (Ex. Soviet union)

Licenciatura Degree Chemical Engineering, in the College of Sciences of Moscow (Kurgan State University - Ex. Soviet Union)

Solo Exhibitions

- Transições / Transitions, Gallery Fernando Pessoa (Lisbon/Portugal)
2010 - Devaneios II / Reveries II, Gallery Fernando Pessoa (Lisbon/Portugal)
2009 - Devaneios / Reveries, Gallery Vasco da Gama (Loures/Portugal)
2008 - E Pluribus Unum, First Gallery (Lisbon/Portugal)
2004 - 7 Shades of Gray, Café da Ponte, Docas de Alcântara (Lisbon/Portugal)
1982 - Butterfly Effect, Humbi-Humbi Art Gallery (Luanda/Angola)
1981 - Freedom, Scientific Institute of Minsk (Minsk/Bielorussia - Ex. U.S.S.R.)
1979 - O Poder da Revolução / The Power of Revolution, EDIL Noble Room

Group Exhibitions

Odivel’ Arte (Odivelas/Portugal)
* IX Biennial Show of Arts from Vidigueira (Vidigueira/Portugal) 
* Alcarte 2014 (Alcochete/Portugal)

XVII Galeria Aberta / XVII Open Gallery (Beja/Portugal)
Alcarte 2013 (Alcochete/Portugal).
* IV Lusophone Cultures Biennial (Odivelas/Portugal)
* Painting and Visual Lusophone Arts (Odivelas/Portugal)
* Pre launch of the IV Lusophone Cultures Biennial (Odivelas/Portugal)

*Angolan Diaspora (Olhão/Portugal). Collective show in the celebrations of the 37th 
  Anniversary of the Independence of Angola
Alcarte 2012 (Alcochete/Portugal).
XVII Galeria Aberta / XVI Open Gallery, Museum Jorge Vieira (Beja/Portugal)

* Alcarte 2011 (Alcochete/Portugal).
Creative Spark 2011, Furnival Gallery (Sheffield/UK)
* global echo: Artists in Print, Furnival Gallery (Sheffield/UK) A collaborative 
   International Printmaking Initiative with equal and simultaneous shows in the UK, 
   USA, Canada, Australia  and Pakistan
Transmission: Off Air, SIAD Gallery (Sheffield/UK)

Around the Bull, Gallery Vieira Portuense (Porto/Portugal)
XVI Galeria Aberta / XVI Open Gallery, Museum Jorge Vieira (Beja/Portugal)         
Alcarte 2009 (Alcochete/Portugal)                                            
Unidos na Arte Brasil e Portugal II / United in Art Brazil and Portugal II, Gallery 
   Praça do Pelourinho (Ourem/Portugal)
* Poesie Visuelle dans Paris / Visual Poetry in Paris, Galeries Artitude (Paris/France)
* Art Meeting in London III, Gallery 118 (London/UK)
* Artexpo NY 09 (New York/USA)
* Puro Arte Dosmil Ocho (Vigo/Spain)

2008/09 - Arte Fora da Galeria / Art Outside the Gallery (Alcochete/Portugal)

Natal 08 / Xmas 08 (Lisboa/Portugal)
Mares, Vilas e outras histórias... / Seas, Villages and Other Stories... 
* Alcarte 2008 (Alcochete/Portugal)
* Os 5 Magníficos / The Magnificent 5 (Alcochete/Portugal)

Aniversário do C.R.P. 50 / Anniversary of C.R.P. 50 (Lisbon/Portugal)
Alcarte 2007 (Alcochete/Portugal)
* Lembrando Abril, comemorações do 25 de Abril e do 1º de Maio
   Remember April, commemorations of the 25 of April and 1ts of May 
* 1ª Salão Nacional de Artes Plásticas / 1st National Salon of Visual Arts 
Coisas de Campolide / Things about Campolide (Lisbon/Portugal)

Exposição colectiva de pintura do Hospital Militar de  Belém
   Collective Painting Exhibition of the Military Hospital of Belém 

Um quadro para a Revolução / A painting for the Revolution, Noble Room of the 
   National Assembly, (Luanda/Angola)

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